Hands On Farming Program Activities

14 th April 2010
An outing was organized for some Gozitan Schools at Wied ir-Rihan in Nadur. The students present could  notice some indigenous trees and plants still growing in their natural habitat.

Re-planting of trees at  Gnien il-Familja ,Qala    2ndJune 2010
 A tree planting activity was organized by the Hands On Farming at ‘Gnien Il-Familja’ at Qala. These trees were vandalized some weeks ago and were re-planted by the students of the Gozo Collage Qala Primary School.
The activity included poems and songs about trees.Ms. M. Buttigieg, Dr. C. Grech and the
Mayor Mr. P. Buttigieg delivered a speech.
The Qala School was awarded The Eco-Gozo shield for its initiative towards the planting and propagation of Maltese trees.
Afterwards the students planted 50 indigenous trees in the Gnien Il-Familja.

Hands On Farming Program participated in the Environment Day Celebration 5th June 2010
The Hands On Farming Program participated in the Environment Day Celebration at the Lunzjata Valley Gozo on Saturday 5th June 2010. The Onor. Minister GiovannaDebono attended the activity and announced a new scheme for the restoration of wind pumps in Gozo.
For this occasion some of the animals from the Xewkija Government Farm were transferred to Lunzjata where the children and visitors present could watch them closely.
One of the main activities was the feeding of the lamb. The children present were invited to give a bottle of milk to a small lamb. The children enjoyed this activity and were also able to hold some of the animals themselves.
Another interesting activity was the planting of palm trees seedlings and other decorative plants, by the public.
 In this ‘Hands On’ activity they had the opportunity to plant a tree themselves and then take it along with them.
Packets of Maltese Indigenous tree seeds were also distributed.

9th December 2010
Hands On Farming Program at Bethlehem F’Ghajnsielem
Our program organized a tree sowing activity at the site of Bethlehem F’Ghajnsielem as part of the visit by hundreds of school children.
 All the students were each given a recycled pot (a milk carton) which they filled with compost and sowed some cypress seeds in it. They then took the pot home and were asked to take care of it and follow its growth.
The Cypress tree is one of the trees that are widely used as a Christmas tree and many are destroyed in this festive period. Our activity was intended to counteract this illegal cutting down of such trees.

18 th January2011
Arbor Day Celebration Xaghra Primary School
Children attending Xaghra Primary School, within the College of Gozo, together with their teachers, took part in a program of activities on the occasion of ‘Arbor Day’. This activity is organized every year by The Hands On Farming Program in a particular school in Gozo.
The Minister for Gozo, Giovanna Debono attended this activity, along with the Gozo College Principal, Chev. Frank Gatt. The Minister praised the initiatives being undertaken within the education system to raise awareness on matters relating to the protection of the environment among children and students. She urged the children to adopt good environmental practices and to learn about them during their lessons and also to make good use of what they learnt, both at home and outdoors.
The activity related to Arbor Day 2011 was marked by the planting of trees in the garden of the school by the Minister for Gozo and four sixth-year students, whilst the other students planted seedlings of native trees. This programme, which is being held in Gozo for the sixth consecutive year, aims to disseminate knowledge while promoting the protection of trees and plants among students in Gozo’sprimary schools.

29th March 2011
Another activity to mark Arbor Day - San Lawrenz Primary School
The Hands On Farming program organized another activity at the Gozo College San Lawrenz Primary school to mark Arbor Day. The Program included reading of essays and poems and various PowerPoint presentations, with Trees as their subject. Our program also presented a PowerPoint on Maltese indigenous and endemic trees and plants  
This was followed by another activity in the School’s garden where every student participated in planting various Widnet Il-Baħarplants. Widnet Il-Baħar is Malta’s National Plant.
At the End of the activity the Local Mayor Mr. Noel Formosa, planted a Sempreviva (Maltese Everlasting) in front of a statue of St. Lawrence, in the school’s ground.

Spring Activity at Dahlet Qorrot Valley
A number of Gozitan school children recently took part in a walk of Wied ta’ Dahlet Qorrot, which was organised as part of the Hands on Farming Programme within the Gozo College.
The walk started from the beginning of the valley and went up to the beach, during the walk information was given to the children about the valley and they were also able to make notes and take photographs of the native plants and trees such as carob trees, cypress trees and other plants such as thyme.
This idea is aimed at educating students and help them to better understand the concept of eco-Gozo and how sustainable development can go hand in hand with nature and the environment.
This activity was organised for children who are attending the fifth year of primary school in Gozo shools.

October 2011 
During the month of October 2011 the Hands On Farming program took part in the Festubru. This is an annual activity held at the picturesque Valley of Lunziata. The school children that attended were asked to take part in a ‘Hands On’ activity . They were each given a plant and a small packet of seeds to take home with them.

Works at the Xewkija Farm
After the summer recess major renovation works were carried out at our Farm. These works were needed so that students visiting the H.O.F. program, in the future will find a modern and cleaner environment. For this reason we had to cancel a number of scheduled visits. We hope that by the beginning of next year these works will be ready and visits to our farm can resume.


Bethlehem F’ Ghajnsielem
Eco-Gozo’s children mascot Kikku joined forces with the ‘Hands-on-Farming’ team within the Gozo College at an activity held for school children at Betlehem f’Ghajnsielem.
Kikku was a favourite with all the students who came from the different schools around Gozo as well as Malta. He helped in distributing pine tree seeds to all those who attended as part of the initiative organised for this event by the ‘Hands-on-Farming’ Gozo section.
Other attractions that proved popular with all the children were the animals as well as ‘Il-Furnar’ (baker), ‘Il-Haddied’ (blacksmith) and various other aspects that have made this site a unique experience for thousands of visitors who have visited the Nativity Village over the last four years.

Arbor Day Celebration  - 27th March 2012
Children attending Sannat Primary School, together with their teachers, took part in a program of activities for the occasion of ‘Arbor Day 2012.’
This symbolic ceremony was, as in other years, organized as part of the Hands on Farming Program.
In celebration of Arbor Day 2012, children planted three young native trees in the school garden, whilst the other students planted seedlings of native trees
to take them home with them.
The programme also included performances by the children of poetry and prose, as well as dancing, singing and presentations.

Spring Activity at Ħondoq ir-Rummien Valley - 3rd May 2012
Year five students from Gozo College schools  participated in an educational outing to Ħondoq ir-Rummien Valley, Qala.
This Spring outing was organised as part of the Hands On Farming  program within the Gozo College with the collaboration and support of  EcoGozo .
The main aim of this outing, apart from appreciating the wonderful natural vista, was to enable students to get to know the endemic species found in this place, such as Carrob, African Tamarisk, African Wolfbane and Chaste trees, Thyme, Mediterranean Heath, White Hedgenettle and Maltese rock Centaury plants among others.
The students were better able to aquaint themselves with the natural environment of the plants and trees, which are normally only available for them to look at it books.

4th May 2012   Munxar
A visual and audio presentation at Munxar regarding our Indigenous Trees/plants was held in Munxar . Our program was asked to give a PowerPoint presentation on these trees.


Arbor Day Celebration At Xaghra Primary School  8th May 2012
The Hands On Farming program organized another activity at the Gozo College Xagħra Primary school to mark Arbor Day. The Program included a PowerPoint presentation on the importance of trees in our lives, why  is Arbor Day celebrated every year and the importance of preserving our indigenous trees/plants.



Spring Fair at the Villa Rundle Gardens   20th May 2012
The Hon. Minister Giovanna Debono presented the Eco Gozo shield to the Sannat Primary school. This activity is organized by Our Program annually and awarded to the schools’ initiative to plant new indigenous trees in their premises.
Three other schools were also awarded for their participation in a competition among Gozitan Schools regarding the cultivation of plants by students.
This year we also introduced a new competition for the best Model of a Garden.



Arbor Day 2013
A tree planting event took place at the Zebbug Primary School on the 29th of January 2013, at 9.30am  . Tree gardens at this school were cleared and new trees were planted by the children. The three gardens were made up of citrus . a palm and olive orchard and one containing Maltese trees and plants. We also presented a power point presentation on Maltese Indigenous Trees in the school hall.
2013 Students’ visits


Tree Planting activity by the Xaghra Primary students to commemorate Earth Hour
A tree planting activity to commemorate Earth Day was organized by the Hands on farming program. On the 25 th March 2013 a group of Xaghra Primary students planted a number of trees and attached their names to each of these cypress  trees.

Earth Day Activity at the Xewkija Farm
On Monday 22nd April 2013 a tree planting activity was held  At the Hands On Farming section, Xewkija Farm by the Gozo College Xaghra Students.
Earth Day Activity at the Kercem Primary School
Earth Day Activity at the Kercem Primary School Tuesday 23rd April 2013 , in collaboration with the Hands On Farming Program.
Apart from planting some fruit trees the program also included performances by the children of poetry and prose.

Annual Spring Outing for Year 5 Students
On the 2nd May 2013, we organized our annual Educational Outing to one of Gozo’s beautiful valleys. This year we took over one hundred Year 5 Gozitan students, from different schools to Dwejrawhere they were given information on a number of Indigenous and Endemic trees and plants that still grow at this natural site. From what we could notice the children enjoyed this activity and we received positive feedback both from the students and from the teachers that accompanied them.

Spring Fair at the Villa Rundle Gardens   12th May 2013
Our stand of Maltese Plants and trees. These are plants grown by students at our premises, most of them with medicinal properties .